Tasting Sciacchetrà in our “cantina” in Riomaggiore.

To book please fill in the form down here stating which option you choose. Read carefully as moving around and finding places is not so easy in the Cinque Terre.

There are two options for the visit.

option 1 – wine tasting in the cantina ( Time needed approx 40 mt)

Come to visit our cantina in via Gramsci 11 in the historical centre of Riomaggiore (where wine is produced, stowed and sold) and taste Sciacchetrà Terra di Bargòn. Roberto will describe the the origin of Bargòn and  how he produces this special wine with his brothers. He will answer your questions, and you will discover the heritage of Cinque Terre and the cycle of production of Sciacchetrà. Please click  LOCATION to find out where we are.

Prices:  minimum 4  adults present, maximum 15  (sorry, cash only).

Roberto’s presentation, translation in English, a taste of Cinque Terre Sciacchetrà doc “of the year”with cheese, price:  15

it is also possible to buy our Sciacchetrà, of the year and to choose amongst a number of reserves

 Minimun spending  for two visitors   50 €


option 2- visit to the terraced land of Bargòn followed by wine tasting in the cantina in Riomaggiore (see opton 1 for location)   Time needed  between 1 hour 45 mts  to 2 hours including hiking time.

In this case you must reach the entrance of the terraced land of Bargòn by yourselves.  We are not guides and cannot come with you.

Follow instructions:  click LOCATION as there is a video owith the route to reach Bargòn,  it is important to wear appropriate shoes for walking  uphill on a country path. From Lavaccio it will take 15 to 20 mts.

Price  will be communicated to you if you choose this option, this to make sure everything has been understood, reaching us is a little adventure in a very special geographic context …

How to book for a tasting session in the cantina.

Please include if you choose option 1 or option 2


We open our cantina by appointment only, so, please fill in the below form to fix a date, which option you require,  a time in any day of the week.  We shall answer and add any useful information you might require. We shall confirm date and time and check with you that everything is clear.

Please in filling the form make sure your telephone number will  work in Riomaggiore! no point for us in finding a recordig saying you are abroad!

We ask you to  send a text message to +39 3356997268 ( Alessandra) to confirm your visit on the day you are coming, it is an empirical test that we can communicate once you are in Italy!

This is necessary  if any problem should arise as it may  happen.

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Riomaggiore can be reached by train or by car ( consider that finding a parking place is often difficult).

La “cantina” where wine is produced, stowed and sold.

Back in the thirties when Roberto’s father returned from the United States, where he had emigrated in the twenties because of grape phyloxera that had destroyed the vines, bought a “cantina” , still called della compagnia from the name of the area in which it is located.  In the cantina della compagnia  white wine was produced for the purpose of selling and red for the family to drink.  At the beginning of the fifties he also bought the betiga de la valèita, in dialect, from the name of the lane that leads to the “cantina”. Named la valèita  from the name of the lane where the water from the rain used to flow down to the  brook. Nowadays the brook has been covered and transformed in the main street in Riomaggiore  Via Colombo.
Wine has been produced since then in the two “cantine”. In more recent times la betiga de la valèita was a place for the local group of friends  where to meet and drink until very late at night.  Sometimes also the first adventurous turists were invited in, forerunners of a turist development unthinkable in those times. The ritual continues nowadays with  tourists visiting the “cantina”  and tasting Sciacchetrà. In one of these encounters we met Anke ed Irina, they provided the German and Russian version of this site!

The renewal of the “cantina”  has connected dinamically the archiect and the operators, mosltly friends. In Chiara’s project the poor stone structure is enhanced  with a daring glass structure next to the stone area, built to make it possible to bottle  wine in accordante with the rules of hygiene.  A brilliant dialogue between old stones and modern requirements.


cantina-sciacchetra1cantina-porta-sciacchetracantina-sciacchetra2cantina sciacchetra riomaggiore